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In 1969, FREE founded the first Jewish High School for Russian immigrants in the United Stats. This feat was followed in 1974 with the opening of the first Jewish Elementary School for Russian immigrants. Both schools have seen over 7,500 students pass through their halls, helping to grow countless Jewish professionals in every discipline.

The FREE schools combine an excellent Jewish education with a strong background in secular fields of study. FREE’s schools are critically important to newly arrived Russian children because classes are offered in the Russian language for students who are not yet proficient in the English language. This seemingly immediate blessing is replaced by a long-term relationship, as students and parents recognize the quality education and remain through graduation. In addition, FREE launches a campaign in Russian-language newspapers & radio programs encouraging parents to enroll their children in Jewish schools and offers scholarships to Russian Jewish children in outlying neighborhoods, so that they have the option of attending local Jewish schools in their area.

To register to FREE’s Elementary or High School, or for more information, please contact FREE Headquarters at: 718-467-0860 Fax: 718-467-2146 Email: education@russianjewry.org.

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