Preschool at FREE of Brighton Beach Expands
Mazel Day Care Will Continue to Grow

Hachnasas Sifrei TorahMazel Day Care, a preschool at the FREE Center of Brighton Beach,
has recently completed its construction on new classrooms to accommodate the needs of growing school, when the doors opened in September of this year over 40 children were enrolled in the preschool, says Mrs. Chani Okunov, Mazel’s Educational Director.

The preschool provides quality early childhood education in the neighborhood to Russian-Jewish families, developing both preschool and

Jewish education to children between two and five years old. The staff is bilingual so that Mazel can and does prepare the children for their entry into yeshiva grade school.

The students, from religious to non-observant backgrounds, come from different Russian-Jewish communities in Brooklyn including Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Boro Park and Seagate.

Located at 2915 Brighton 6th Street, the preschool’s Program is staffed with caring experienced teachers, state-of-art classrooms equipped with top-of-line educational toys, books & games, with computers in each classroom and licensed by the New York City Department of Health.

“Exposing kids to their heritage in a positive and fun atmosphere instills a strong sense of Jewish pride for many years to come” Says Mrs. Chani Okunov, Mazel’s Educational Director.

“My Dima went to three Russian preschools in this area before coming to Mazel. Now he can’t wait to come to school every morning.” Says Rena Yabakov, mother of Dima, a 3½ years-old.

Other testimonials from parents talk of the teachers in glowing terms and how their children are making progress.

“We have been blessed that Mazel Day Care has grown into a preschool of over 40 children thanks to the deep generosity of Mr. Moshe Guralnik and Mr. Alex Balanevsky”, Reflects Rabbi Hersh Okunov, Director of the FREE Center of Brighton Beach. “With the help of the Almighty we will continue to expand to accommodate an additional 40 children for the next school year”.

To get more information about Mazel Day Care, or to contribute to its new Scholarship Fund, please call Mazel Day Care @ 718-368-4490.

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