10,000th Circumcision

Thursday, February 25, 1993, FREE Circumcision Program reached the historical milestone of performing its ten thousandth circumcision. FREE celebrated by holding a dinner at the Brooklyn Interfaith Medical Center Lauria Auditorium, where most of the circumcisions have been performed.

Read news reports on this historic event: Soviet Jews Treasure Rite of Circumcision (Associated Press), Rite for Jewish Males (New York Times), The Kindest Cut of All (Urban Gazette), Freedom For the Free (Algemeiner Journal), The Cutting Edge (Baltimore Jewish Times), The 10,000th Circumcision (The Flatbush Life), A milestone in religious FREEdom for immigrants (The Jewish Week), Interfaith and FREE celebrate 10,000 Bris Mila (New Directions Interfaith Medical Center), From Abraham to Alexander (Lubavitch International) A Painful Privilege F.R.E.E.'s 10,000th Bris (The Jewish Press).

Click here for the invitation to the event


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